While the kingdom of Vawdreywyn could barely be called as such, it is still a formidable force in the northeast region of Tan’risi. Formed when barbarian and bandit groups were united through the power of the clan of the half-orc Petan Nightraider, the kingdom is based on military strength more than leadership or economic power.

Known for their confrontational nature, the nation is almost always at war against an internal or external enemy. In recent years, there has been considerable turnover in the throne with many kings coming to the crown and then dying in mysterious circumstances such as assassinations. The only political constant is the Nightraider clan which has held the throne more often than any other.

Vawdreywyn has no real capital but its main trade center is Spina, a city along the coast. This is where the guild headquarters for Vawdreywyn are located as well as the many mercenary companies based out of the nation.

The civilian population in Vawdreywyn are suspicious of outsiders and decent soldiers in their own right. They will fiercely defend what they see as theirs, such as the sea rights that started the war with the Duchy of Tyner.


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