The Singing Lark

The Singing Lark Inn is the home base of the Holiday family. Originally gypsies, they bought the place five years ago when Anders Holiday decided to stop wandering. Located on the outskirts of Brightwater, it serves as a meeting point for caravans from all over the kingdom. Gypsies come here to trade news, resupply, find spouses, and pick up letters and messages, which Anders gets from any who pass through.

The singing lark

It is considered one of the best inns in town, catering to a wide range of people, from common laborers to fairly well to do merchants. It is a comfortable place, and clean, if not fancy. It is famous for its entertainment. Any wandering bards or minstrels know that it has reasonable prices, good food, and good company.

It is called The Singing Lark Inn, in honor of Rispah “Lark” Holiday, former wandering bard, who can still be persuaded to perform if there is no one else staying at the inn who is inclined to. It also serves as a place for youngsters who don’t have the urge to wander to come and either apprentice at the inn, or find other people in town to apprentice to through Anders or Rispah.

The inn has ten small guest rooms and five family guest rooms upstairs, the family and staff quarters in remaining upstairs, the kitchen, a tavern downstairs, including two private dining rooms and tables outside in good weather, a stable, the kitchen garden, and a field across the road, for trader and gypsy caravans to pitch camp. Next door is a blacksmith shop run by another former gypsy, and across the road, next the the field is a general store, run by the blacksmith’s wife.

The members of the Holiday family who currently live there are Anders, Rispah, Lorine, and Daine. There are also three girls who help wait tables and clean, a stableman, and his son who also serves as a rule enforcer on the rare occasions it is necessary.

The Singing Lark

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