Major Races


Humans are the dominant race in Tan’risi. They can be found in all social classes and are mainly concentrated in the great cities of the realm. After the fall of the Empire of Light, human groups moved into the ruined cities and created their own kingdoms.


Always great builders, they built many of the great cities of the Empire of Light. Many of these buildings still exist today and are used by the human kingdoms. After the fall of the Empire, the dwarves moved underground and isolated themselves from the rest of the world while they attempted to rebuild. They have a strict social structure based around blood and honor.


The Duergar are exiles from the dwarven society. Dwarves who violate some social law are tried and usually exiled and live alone or in small groups in the underground caverns that run underneath Tan’risi. Their isolation and small numbers make them easy targets for the drow, who often take them as slaves.


One of the founding members of the Empire of Light. After the Empire’s collapse, many eladrin left the continent for the wild islands of the far east. Those eladrin who remained behind became the elves. In many of the societies on the continent, eladrin are near-mythical beings, but are often confused for common elves.


The elves are concentrated in the deep forests of Tan’risi’s interior. There they work to rebuild a new Empire of Light. The elves have a strong distrust with dwarves and a strong hatred for Duergar and Drow. Their slow and passive territorial growth has caused some elven settlements to be in conflict with human cities and has resulted in some elves captured and living as slaves or servants in human cities.


The Drow are the elven race that humans are most familiar with, unfortunately. The drow are a race of raiders who often attack human, elven, and dwarven settlements in order to force them out. Their mythology states that the drow are the true founders of the Empire of Light. The drow keep their captives as slaves.

Minor Races


The bladelings are the descendants of the foot soldiers of the evil gods and many continue in their service. Because of this they are looked upon by the majority of society suspiciously or are hated. Many bladelings are found in the temples of the Asterbrake Imperium as elite soldiers and holy warriors.


No one knows where the changelings came from and some doubt that they even exist. The majority of the changeling population lives among other races. Their neighbors oblivious of their true natures.


True to their divine origins, the deva live as high level priests in the service of the good gods across the entire continent. Most deva are raised by the churches from their birth and some never see outside the walls of their convent or monastery homes. Most cultures regard the deva as highly honorable and pious.


The dragonborn first appeared shortly after the calamitous fall of the Empire of Light. Their true origin is unknown but they are believed to be descended from the old dragons and gods of the past. Many hide their parentage and leave their children to be raised in orphanages. In the large human cities of the Asterbrake Imperium, dragonborn are confined to ghettos for their first 18 years.


Hailing from the southern reaches of the Asterbrake Imperium, the Genasi are rarely seen in the civilizations of the north. Depending on their origin, the Genasi can come from the deserts, coastal swamps, or mountains. Those seen in the north are usually students sent to study at the great human institutions of learning.


Gnolls live in packs of varying sizes in the mountains, often taking over the abandoned towers and forts of the Empire of Light that were used to fight dragons. They are in constant combat with the goblinkind tribes in the same area. The packs are led by the shamans who lead their animistic faith. Humans and gnolls are indifferent to one another as each leave the other alone.


Gnomes were the original inhabitants of the deep forests before the elves moved in. The invasion of the elves caused a brief war between the two races. Some gnomes made peace with the elves and live with them. Others remain hidden and attack those who they see as infringing on their lands.

Goblins and Hobgoblins

Living in the old mountain forts and towers of the Empire of Light, the gobinkind races live together to fight a common enemy, the gnolls. They often raid human settlements for supplies as well. These raids are one of the few times that they leave the mountains. Their society is strictly divided. The goblins are the builders, leaders, and priests of the tribe while the hobgoblins are the warriors and kings of the tribe, leading it into battle.


The goliaths are the nomads of the north. Living in small tribes above the timberline in the high mountains of the north, the goliaths battle among the tribes and hunt the great mythical mountain beasts for honor. Because of their fierce nature, they are usually left alone by the other residents of the mountains; the gnolls and goblinkind.


The halflings are a peaceful people who live in small villages in the lush greenspaces of the open valleys and foothills of the north. They often settle in areas where they can run small shops, inns, and taverns for early travelers as they travel between cities and nations.


Half-orcs are the result of an unnatural union between an orcish raiders and an unfortunate partner. Many half-orc children are killed at birth, but some are saved and hidden and raised in secret. Some half-orcs, if they look less orc and mostly like the other race, live among the non-orc race if they can.


No one knows where the Kalashtar came from. Some say that they came from across the oceans from another continent. While in Tan’risi, many Kalashtar seek to learn as much as they can about the people and cultures of Tan’risi. Others work as missionaries trying to convert the population to become followers of Sehanine or Ioun.


Kenku live in flocks near large cities in secret. Many humans regard the kenku as nuisances and try to drive them away. Others take advantage of the kenku’s complex information network for a price. If the flock is threatened, the kenku can be especially dangerous.


Kobolds live in wild packs in the Asterbrake Imperium and generally cause chaos across the land. Some kobolds are stolen from their packs and made to be entertainment for the courts and nobles of the human kingdoms.

Longtooth/ Razorclaw Shifters

The shifter races come from the same mountainous and desert areas as the Genasi. The two races live amicably. However the shifter races are even more rare in the civilizations of the north. Shifters are common in mercenary bands in the south and as small raiding groups across the continent.


The revenant are found outside of the temples of the Raven Queen, waiting for her blessing after she rejected their entry into the afterlife. Many are unsure of what they were supposed to do before they could gain entry into the afterlife, so they join adventuring bands to hope that a death in battle would appease the Raven Queen.


The Shadar-Kai live in a secret society inside of the Asterbrake Imperium and are relatively unknown in the rest of Tan’risi. There are many myths regarding their existence and some believe them to be the real power behind many organizations in Tan’risi and possibly even the Imperium itself.


Another race that suddenly appeared after the fall of the Empire of Light, the shardminds have congregated together and work as the elite guard of royal personages or as lonely intellectuals who wander the world looking for a way to reunite the shards back into their “heaven,” the Celestial Gate.


The Tieflings first appeared shortly after the calamitous fall of the Empire of Light. Their true origin is unknown but they are believed to be descended from demons and devils who had some hand in the fall of the Empire. Many hide their parentage and leave their children to be raised in orphanages. In the large human cities of the Asterbrake Imperium, tieflings are confined to ghettos for their first 18 years.


The warforged are the common name for the great constructs created for the war that many assumed resulted from the breakup of the Empire of Light. None that were activated during the time of the Empire are known to exist. Those that are active now are the result of adventurers stumbling upon them in the old fortresses of the Empire.


The Wilden are nature manifest. They exist to protect the needs of nature in all its forms across the realm as ambassadors and soldiers. They are especially close to those races closely connected to their lands; the elves, gnomes, genasi, and goliaths.


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