Pudsey is a growing town just inside of the Asterbrake Imperium’s border with the Duchy of Tyner. New residents are arriving everyday bringing new wealth and new supplies for the construction of the new keep ordered by Emperor Galerius Severus.

There are about 2,000 permanent residents in Pudsey, but when the next census is taken, that number is expected to be much higher. Most of the population is human with a handful of other races scattered. Space is at such a premium in the city proper that the ghettos have been evacuated to make room for more human residents.

Leadership of the city is divided between the political leadership of the town, Lord Anund Jacob, and the military commander, General Ragnvald. There is also a small group of community and business leaders who meet occasionally with the general and the lord’s council.

General Ragnvald commands 100 members of the Asterbrake military who also serve as the city’s police force. There are also occasional glimpses in the town of a group of elite soldiers from the Imperium’s bladeling forces.

The most popular inn and tavern in Pudsey is the Crown and Crow, also home to the town’s de facto adventurer’s guild. It is a meeting place for all sorts of social classes and characters.


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