Recorded history before the fall of the Empire of Light is rare and incomplete. The Empire was founded 3,000 years ago when the Eladrin and Dwarves united to fight a growing threat to both of their peoples, the dragons. Over the next millennium, the Empire battled the dragons, eventually driving them back into their mountain keeps, where the Army of Light could eliminate them one by one.

At some point after the Empire declared the war over, an event that shook the foundations of all of Tan’risi took place; the Empire of Light collapsed. Many events are supposed to have taken place at the fall of the Empire and many new races and monsters, such as the dragonborn, tieflings, and shardminds. There is no recorded chronicle of this time, leading many scholars to believe that society simply collapsed in some great crisis that even the Empire was powerless to stop. Others argue that the Empire’s constituent kingdoms, with no common enemy to unite them, renewed their ancient rivalries and the Empire destroyed itself.

Dwarves and Eladrin left the great cities of the Empire and returned to their ancestral homes after the fall. Both societies broke apart as a result of political or cultural differences stemming from this time. The Dwarves became isolationists and created a second class in their midst, the Duergar. The Eladrin left the continent entirely and those that chose to remain became Elves, which themselves broke up into the Drow when Humanity became the dominant population on Tan’risi.

After the fall, the human population in Tan’risi exploded. They began to organize into larger and larger settlements, many taking advantage of the abandoned cities of the Empire. Three large kingdoms evolved in the northeast corner of the continent: the Asterbrake Imperium, by far the largest of the human kingdoms in this area; the Duchy of Tyner, a medium sized country that hugs the north coast and lives comfortably as simple merchants and farmers; and Vawdreywyn, a land of near barbarians who are belligerent toward their neighbors and live in a lawless land only governed by strength of arms and gold.

See the individual kingdom’s pages for more recent history.


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