Duchy of Tyner

Formed under the leadership of a self-titled Duke Tyner 500 years ago, the Duchy of Tyner is a fairly open and welcoming kingdom compared to other in the northeast of Tan’risi. Tyner grew slowly to its present borders just over 150 years ago when they came into contact with a kingdom to the west, Vawdreywyn.

Troops from Vawdreywyn crossed the border into Tyner after a trade rights dispute over sea access. The barbarians and raiders from Vawdreywyn quickly advanced and the war was going badly for the Duchy. The Duke at the time, Lord Laurin, was forced to take desperate measures as he was forced to flee from the capital city, Deventer. Laurin was forced to find allies from outside of the Duchy. The elves that lived in the forests to the south would not come to his aid and the local dwarven clan would not help because they believed that the war was not their war. The only nation strong enough was the Asterbrake Imperium.

The Emperor of Asterbrake sent his elite Bladeling and Shadar-Kai troops to help Tyner defeat the invaders. The elite troops easily sent the barely organized Vawdreywyn army back to the pre-war borders. A peace between the powers was settled. However, the Asterbrakean troops did not leave after the war was over. When the Duke protested, he was expelled from the throne along with his family. The Emperor installed his own ruler.

Today, the representatives of Asterbrake heavily tax the Tynerians. They justify their tax in order to pay for the Imperium’s involvement in the recent war. While many may assume that the Tynerian citizens would be angry with this heavy tax, this is not the case. The Tynerians are fine with the situation because they are very aware of the horrors of life under the thumb of their rival Vawdreywyn and enjoy the security that the Imperium provides. The Imperium tolerates the more open nature of Tyner’s culture. In Tyner, the ghettos are open and minority populations like the gypsies are not marginalized like in the Imperium proper.

Duchy of Tyner

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