Asterbrake Imperium

By far the most civilized and advanced kingdom in the region, the Asterbrake Imperium is headed by a hereditary emperor who reigns from the capital city of Caranor.

Founded by the Emperor Aster after the fall of the Empire of Light, the Imperium quickly became the main military and cultural power in the area. Through a series of diplomatic and military conquests the Imperium reached its current borders with the Duchy of Tyner to the west and the barren Wildlands to the south.

Citizenship in the Imperium brings with it many privileges. In exchange for military service when needed in local conflicts, citizens were able to nominate representatives to meet with the local lord’s court to expresses their gratitude or concerns. Most of these representatives are pulled from groups of community leaders. Those outside the Imperium often see it as oppressive, however their opinion often changes once they are adopted as full citizens after five years of military service. This option is also available to those who immigrate to the Imperium. The Duchy of Tyner is currently in the process of joining the Imperium. The representatives of the Imperium are simply waiting for the people of Tyner to accept the new political situation.

The Imperium is well known for being strict with criminals. Common punishments include recruitment into the military and the removal of citizenship.

Recent events in the Imperium include the death of the long reigning Emperor Heraklonas childless. On his deathbed, the Emperor appointed a political advisor Olvinair, founder of the Gilgamesh Consortium as the new Emperor with the Imperial name Galerius Severus. Emperor Galerius has vowed to protect the Imperium’s way of life through any means necessary and proclaimed a new civic building campaign across the Imperium starting with a new temple to Kord in Caranor and a keep in the border garrison town of Pudsey.

Asterbrake Imperium

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