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  • Yrgnyn Pack

    This pack of nomadic gnolls was formerly the strongest pack in the land. 10 years ago, a traitor led to their destruction and now only [[:kolya-ghyrryn | Kolya Ghyrryn]] remains from the pack. It is his belief that once the children that were stolen …

  • Kolya Ghyrryn

    32 Years Old. Former Pack Leader of the [[Yrgnyn Pack | Yrgnyn Pack]]. Chose mate at 16, her name was Lhyra. At 19 had a pup named [[:toryc | Toryc]]. At 22, while out hunting, Kolya's entire tribe was massacred. Lhyra was among the gnolls dead and …

  • Toryc

    Toryc is 18 years old. For the first 3 of those years, he had a peaceful, happy life. However, that did not last. Stolen in the night by a band of goblins, he and his fellow gnoll were taken to a quarry, forced to labor. He did this for 9 years until …

  • Korayc

    Betrayed Kolya and his tribe. Hunted by Kolya to this day.