Shadows over Tyner

Session 1

The group met each other at The Singing Lark in Brightwater. During their time at the locale, the group learned of two things: first, a town named Burroughscar was being assailed by a dragon, second, a wizard in a tower was looking for help finding his ring he lost in a small town.

Both being in the same general area south of Brightwater, the party decided to help with the dragon first. After arriving, the party proceeded to the dragon lair and were alarmed to find the villagers had betrayed them to their “master”. After a heated battle, the heroes returned to the village VERY angry, toting the dragon’s head behind them. The villagers apologized and rewarded the group with land in the village.

Having slain the dragon, the party moved on to the next town. Upon arriving they determined the town was turned invisible by ring poisoning from a ring they found at the bottom of a well. Determined to help the people of the village they proceeded to the wizard’s tower and have just cleared the first room.


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