Tureza Ravensworn

Shadar-Kai Witch


Tureza is a member of an underground revolutionary group based in the Imperium’s capitol. S.K.A.I.L. (Shadar-Kai Anti-Imperium League) has been active for years, but only in a small and completely ineffective capacity. They’ve claimed responsibility for two large-scale slave escapes and the burning of several government buildings in the past decade, but all they’ve truly managed is to graffiti their message around the city and drop pamphlets from rooftops. In general, SKAIL has been ignored as a simple nuisance by the Imperium, and is almost entirely unknown outside of the capitol.

Recently, however, the group has gone silent. Several Shadar-Kai, calling themselves the Ravensworn, have been arriving in the city from places unknown and begun taking control of the organization. Rumors swirling throughout the original membership say the new leaders have come directly from the Shadowfell; perhaps even from Letherna itself. These rumors inevitably end with some wild theory of why the Raven Queen would be interested in toppling the Imperium; from tales of widespread use of undead minions to quell rebellion in the outer reaches of the empire, to the Emperor himself being a lich in the service of Orcus or some other evil deity. Whatever the reason, the new leadership of SKAIL is almost certainly planning something.

Tureza has been sent in search of possible allies and/or opportunities to harm the Imperium. Many others, with the same orders, have been dispatched to the far corners of the empire. Being a Shadar-Kai has, of course, not made the task a simple one. Her kind are almost universally seen as loyal servants of the Imperium, and the facial tattoos and scarification typical of her people make it impossible to go unrecognized unless fully cloaked and veiled.

Despite the stigma of being associated with the Imperium, Tureza very rarely bothers to hide her ancestry. She strides proudly and holds little concern for others’ opinions of – or reactions to – her or her kind. Being widely distrusted, she instead relies on the simple fear her race tends to instill in others and the anger at that same association with the Imperium. She has overheard many conversations in crowded taverns concerning “those Shadow-whatsits,” and how “they’ll be the first to go when the Imperium falls. That one over there don’t know what she’s got in store. Ha! Wish I could be there to see it!”

After several weeks of frequenting every backwater common room she could find, Tureza has arrived in Partition with news that an adventuring party has been making no little trouble for the Imperium. The adventurers are currently in town for a celebration, and, according to the tales, seem to be an excellent opportunity for Tureza to truly begin her mission.

Tureza Ravensworn

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