Gnoll wanderer


Toryc is 18 years old. For the first 3 of those years, he had a peaceful, happy life. However, that did not last. Stolen in the night by a band of goblins, he and his fellow gnoll were taken to a quarry, forced to labor. He did this for 9 years until he was one day freed by a mysterious tiefling. She spent the next few years training him to survive on his own, teaching him many different arts. Recently, he has heard rumors that his father, Kolya, had been adventuring with some people. He met one of these people, supposedly his only traveling companion left, some fancy noble woman who lived in Partition. She said she did not know him that well, but that he fought bravely, ultimately meeting his end at the hands of “N” who is now dead. She allowed him to create a grave site for Kolya at the Partition Cemetary and he left after that. Heading to the town of Pudsey, he needed to meet up with some old friends.

Toryc left the party after a few months of adventuring with them. He felt that the direction the group was taking would not lead him to revenge for his father or any form of happy life. He was last known to be living with the Goliath community his father was friends with, living happily.


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