Rispah "Lark" Holiday

Arden Holiday's mother


Wife of Anders Holiday, mother of Lorine, Flyndan, Arden, Ethan and Evan, and Daine, well known bard singer.


Rispah “Lark” Holiday has, in Arden’s opinion, the most beautiful voice of anyone in the world. She used to be a well known bard and met Anders at a Midsummer Faire. Since he was wandering, and she was wandering, they decided to wander together. She has always been to one behind the scenes of the family making sure everything is running smoothly and everyone is happy. As an innkeeper’s wife she now makes sure that beds are clean and made, there is enough food for guests at meals, and stretches whatever there is so no one goes without. She always seems to be doing a dozen things at once but never misses anything going on. Nor does she not have time for children with scraped knees or adults who need a sympathetic ear. Anders may be the obvious owner, but Rispah is the heart of the inn. If no one is at the inn to sing for their supper on any given night, as long as there isn’t a catastrophe she has to deal with, she can be persuaded to perform and is a crowd favorite still.

Rispah "Lark" Holiday

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