Nealan Starwise

Arden Holiday's best friend


Arcane student at the nearby Academy, 23 years old, Half elf


Nealan has been Arden Holiday’s friend since he wandered into the inn’s vegatable patch right after her father bought the place. He wasn’t watching where he was going because he had his nose stuck in a book and was totally absorbed. He still occasionally finds himself running into things unless he really knows the area he is in. Often if they are walking somewhere Arden spends half her time pulling him out of harm’s way or apologizing for his unintentionally rude comments. He is training to be a cosmic sorcerer, which fascinated Arden at first but now she just smiles and nods when he starts rambling about his studies. In Arden’s opinion if there was ever anyone who needed looking after, its Neal. He sneaks her into the Academy Library on occasion so she can find out the answers to the questions he can’t answer, but the main draw for her is the fact he is a well of random information. If you want to know the migration patters of hummingbirds in the Eastern Islands, the night of the next meteor shower, or the legends of the deeds of the gods, Neal probably knows. Or if he doesn’t, he knows where to find the information. Once he reads something he never seems to forget it. They compliment each other nicely. She doesn’t know much about “learning” and he doesn’t know much about people. Arden’s family practically adopted him when he started being friends with Arden and they keep him from getting his head too lost in the clouds.

Nealan Starwise

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