Kolya Ghyrryn

Gnoll Ranger searching for his son.


32 Years Old. Former Pack Leader of the Yrgnyn Pack. Chose mate at 16, her name was Lhyra. At 19 had a pup named Toryc. At 22, while out hunting, Kolya’s entire tribe was massacred. Lhyra was among the gnolls dead and all pups were missing, including Toryc.

Kolya followed one of the many sets of tracks from the massacre site and found a group of goblins. He found out that the goblins knew Kolya would be away from the pack because an outcast gnoll named Korayc provided the information.

Kolya buried the dead and began searching for the pups.

Kolya spent the next 5 years searching the mountains for clues of his Toryc’s whereabouts, but could find nothing. At the end of the 5th year, as he was exploring some caverns in the western mountains, Kolya came across a large Drow. The drow said nothing, instead raising his large axe and charging at Kolya. They battled for hours, neither able to best the other, until a group of smaller drow came upon them. These drow ordered Kolya and the drow to lay down their arms and come with them, the two looked at each other and nodded. They proceeded to destroy the group of drow and made it out of the caverns. The drow introduced himself as Xorecles and they became fast friends.

The next year the two were exploring some ruins when they found something frozen in the ice. Xorecles began hacking away until he had freed a warforged from the ice. After fiddling with the creature for some time, it activated the machine and it came to life, drawing its spear. It gave its name as Lancer Type Iron Defender… but Xorecles just looked at the metal man with his spear and said, “No, you look more like nail.” Kolya laughed at this and the warforged decided to keep the nickname and chose to join the three travelers on their quest.

After traveling with the group for many days, Kolya met his end after getting lost in the Wizard’s Tower.

Hates: Goblins, Korayc, unknown client.

Goal: Find the pups and bring them into a new pack. Find the unknown client and destroy them.

Kolya Ghyrryn

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