Jareth aka The Goblin King

I am Super Healer!!!


== Created Using Wizards of the Coast D&D Character Builder
Jareth aka The Goblin King, level 11
Goblin, Bard, Blessed Psalmist
Bardic Virtue: Virtue of Prescience
Background: Found Religion Among Others, World Walker, Child of Fate, Blessed

Str 14, Con 16, Dex 14, Int 14, Wis 14, Cha 20.

Str 13, Con 13, Dex 11, Int 13, Wis 13, Cha 15.

AC: 26 Fort: 21 Reflex: 22 Will: 24
HP: 78 Surges: 10 Surge Value: 19

Arcana +12, Intimidate +15, Heal +12, Diplomacy +15, Streetwise +15, Endurance +12, Nature +12, Bluff +15, Religion +12

Acrobatics +10, Dungeoneering +11, History +11, Insight +11, Perception +11, Stealth +12, Thievery +12, Athletics +10

Bard: Ritual Caster
Level 1: Bard of All Trades
Level 2: Student of Battle
Level 4: Spirit Talker
Level 6: Mending Spirit
Level 8: Fervent Talent
Level 10: Initiate of the Faith
Level 11: Paragon Defenses

Bard at-will 1: Misdirected Mark
Bard at-will 1: Vicious Mockery
Spirit Talker: Spirit’s Shield
Bard encounter 1: Focused Sound
Bard daily 1: Stirring Shout
Bard utility 2: Healer’s Gift
Bard encounter 3: Song of the New Dawn
Bard daily 5: Song of Discord
Bard utility 6: Physician’s Care
Bard encounter 7: Theft of Life
Bard daily 9: Hideous Laughter
Bard utility 10: Time Out

Periapt of Cascading Health +2, Ritual Book, Alchemical Reagents (Arcana) (10), Bag of Holding (heroic tier), Candle (20), Crowbar, Disguise Kit, Glass Cutter, Footpads, Flask (empty) (3), Grappling Hook, Hammer, Hunter’s Kit, Inquisitive’s Kit, Mystic Salves (Heal) (15), Oil (1 pint) (5), Thieves’ Tools, Silk Rope (50 ft.) (10), Rhythmic War Drums (paragon tier), Imposter’s Braidmail Armor +3, Dagger, Resplendent Gloves (heroic tier), Talent Shard (level 3) (5), Identification Papers with Portrait (5), Sanctified Incense (Religion) (10), Rare Herbs (Nature) (10), Travel Papers (5), Floating Lantern (heroic tier), Bedroll, Flint and Steel, Backpack, Baby,

Comprehend Language, Comrades’ Succor, Cure Disease, Raise Dead, Enchant Magic Item, Pyrotechnics, Fool’s Gold

Theme Song: Dance Magic


Jareth grow up as a musician and healing apprentice in a small goblin tribe near the lower tip of The Spine. He grow up feeling out of place and was bullied by a goblin named Hellyug. One night a band of Drow raided the camp, he survived by hiding in a drum. Most of his family, including the nasty Hellyug, were missing. He found a small drum and a bag, used by the shaman of the tribe, and set off for his new life.

He traveled for 5 years skirting around towns and people. One day he came upon a half-orc in battle with a pair of giants. Seeing someone in need, he healed the orc and made one giant attack the other. Because of the kindness toward him and the show of power, he introduced himself as Krusk Bloodsword and he would train Jareth in the ways of the warlord.

Many years and numerous scars later the two acquired jobs as guards for a caravan. After an orc raid on the caravan, Jareth noticed a dragonborn healing one of the guards. Intrigued by the unusual way of healing Jareth asked if he would train him to heal in that way. Arijhan, the dragonborn, took Jareth under his wing and taught him the way of the Ardent.

After finishing his training with Arijhan, Jareth wandered the land till he came upon the city of Brightwater. He stayed at The Singing Lark where he paid for his room playing for the inn. One night he met a beautiful woman named Gwenn Bristle He’d never seen her holy symbol before and asked about. She told him about The Blood of Vol, the religion in which she was a cleric. Enthralled by the thinking of the religion, obtaining a new way of healing and by her beauty, Jareth started his training with her to become a cleric. Over the next year the two of them got close. Jareth had grown to love Gwenn but was to afraid to say anything. One day he was suppose to meet her for training but when he arrived all he found were two signet rings intertwined, one was hers but the other he had never seen before. Heart broken and enraged he set off to the only place he thought he might find answers, the drow city of Olathnossta

In the caves near Olathnossta he heard the sounds of battle. He was looking at the strangest scene he’d seen in a while, a gnoll and the biggest drow he’d ever seen, fighting back to back against another party of drow. Seeing them out numbered, he decided to help the odd couple out. After the battle was over he healed the two and offered his services as a healer.

The next year the three were exploring some ruins when they found something frozen in the ice. Xorecles began hacking away until he had freed a warforged from the ice. After fiddling with the creature for some time, it activated the machine and it came to life, drawing its spear. It gave its name as Lancer Type Iron Defender… but Xorecles just looked at the metal man with his spear and said, “No, you look more like nail.” Kolya laughed at this and the warforged decided to keep the nickname and chose to join the three travelers on their quest.

Hates: Drow, Hellyug, whoever kidnapped Gwenn

Goals: Obtain knowledge, learn all the healing ways, Find Gwenn

Jareth aka The Goblin King

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