Dragonborn Blackguard


Irskaral was born in the Caranor, the capitol city of the Asterbrake Imperium. He spent the first 8 years of his life in a ghetto, stealing what he could to survive, until one day he was caught by a kindly cleric of Pelor. The cleric, Geldin, let Irskaral live in the temple with him and had him trained in the ways of the paladin. Once Irskaral turned 18 he left, thanking the Geldin for everything and promising to visit.

He traveled the world for about a year and ended up in the town of Brightwater. It was there that he met the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen, Ilsarak. She was the sister of the captain of the guard, Ulsaruk, and once the two met, they fell in love. They were married a year later, Geldin performed the ceremony.

After five years of happiness together tragedy struck. Ilsarak was taken one night by unknown assailants and held captive in a cave on the northern coast. Ilsarak did not wait for help, instead choosing to valiantly pursue the captors arriving at the cave an hour before dawn. Inside he found fifty men surrounding what appeared to be their leader, a tall, gaunt, dark-haired male human wearing the mark of the Gilgamesh Consortium. The man turned to him and laughed.

“I have your woman beast!” he snarled, “Now you will never see her again.”

With that he stabbed Ilsarak in the chest with a wicked looking dagger and they both vanished. Irskaral became furious and delved deep into an area of himself he did not know existed. Everything went red and by the time he knew what was happening all fifty men were ripped to pieces, his own hands soaked with blood.

He returned to Brightwater and gave Ulsaruk the bad news. He took the news better and grieved for her in his own way. Irskaral pushed his brother to give him all the info he had on the Consortium and departed Brightwater in search of vengeance, the ways of the holy paladin behind him, only fury and revenge ahead of him.

A few months after leaving he met a half-elf named Cliff, whom was traveling in search of wealth and fame. They found themselves traveling together and became friends and have been traveling together ever since.


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