Ethan and Evan Holiday

Twin brothers in the Holiday family. Trouble with a capital T


Twin brothers of Arden Holiday, currently traveling with Flyndan in one of the family caravans.


The twins, while good at heart, seem to attract trouble like flowers attract bees. Ever since they were born they have been into EVERYTHING! They normally can charm their way out of most trouble, and as they get older are getting better at not getting caught at all. Cheerful, funny, and energetic, they seem to shrug off the idea that they should differ much in personality. Evan is the one with ideas, Ethan comes up with ways to make them work. They are currently traveling in the same caravan as their older brother Flyndan (the most patient member of the family), since occasionally their escapades result in the need to make a timely escape, which is impossible unless your house moves.

Ethan and Evan Holiday

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