Blog Sparknoggin

Inventing for A Greater Tomorrow


20 years ago, there lived a goblin artificer by the name of Blog. He was well known throughout the goblin communities in the moutnains of Tan’risi as a brilliant inventor and a beneficent pacifist. Though Blog’s inventions were meant to create a perfect society, the goblins’ natural evil had no problem perverting them into engines of war. Blog decided to quit tinkering; fearing further abuse of his inventions. However, the clan had already tasted the power of his machines and forced Blog to create more and more machines of destruction. His conscience was laden with guilt and Blog rigged his machines to fail and abandoned his clan.

Fleeing into the mountains, only taking with him a circlet controlled Lancer Type Iron Defender (Blog’s newest prototype) for protection. His clan’s trackers, who were lead by Blog’s own son Bloog Sparknoggin, hounded Blog across the mountains for days until a large storm set in. With the severe weather covering his already risky escape, Blog pushed deeper into the mountains. Then suddenly a bolt of lightning struck the goblin and his metal bodyguard transferring all of Blog’s magical skill and consciousness into the steel shell. Blog suddenly realized he was staring at his own smoldering corpse, but before he could fully comprehend what had happened, he heard the shouts of the trackers and then the rumbling of an avalanche. Blog was plunged into darkness, buried in the ice and snow.

He laid there dormant for over 10 years until another avalanche uncovered his foot. Kolya Ghyrryn and Xorecles stumbled across the mysterious limb. They dug him out and patched him up. Blog was amazed to see a gnoll and a goblin traveling together without animosity. He knew they were destined for something great and quickly befriended them. Xorecles commented on the similarity between Blog’s new shape and a nail. Fearing his name was still held in infamy in the mountains, Blog adopted the name Nail and has been with the group ever since. His strong morals steering the group’s path toward the greater good of all.

Blog Sparknoggin

Shadows over Tyner Nail