Female Revenant (Elf) Avenger


Born in the Feywild, Apsenniel enjoyed the first 50 years of her life in absolute peace. She was able to be an ordinary girl leading an ordinary life. She befriended an great beast of a spider named Arachnon when she was younger and they lived together ever since, sharing a bond deeper then any marriage or mortal friendship.

One day the skies above her home began to grow dark and she saw what appeared to be souls and demons flying through the air. Suddenly her home exploded into rubble and the sword of her father, Melegaunt, came flying out of the rubble at her. She jumped out of the way and picked up the sword, immediately the creatures in the air swarmed to her. She screamed and began running, but to no avail, the creatures easily caught up and flew her through a portal they opened in the sky.

She awoke to find several of the creatures lingering about and she was restrained. She began to struggle and squirm, but it was no use, she couldn’t escape. The creatures all started laughing at her and she began to cry. She could see the sword of her father leaning against a tree, but she couldn’t reach it, she didn’t even know how to use it.

Suddenly there was a loud roar and Arachnon exploded into view, tearing all of the creatures in half with a single crunch of his massive mandibles. The spider plodded over after mutilating the creatures and carefully cut through the ropes with his teeth. Apsenniel jumped up and embraced the spider, thanking him. She then grabbed the sword and some other gear that was laying around, hopped on the spider’s back, and left.

After traveling for a few days she came to realize that this wasn’t the Feywild, deciding that based on the gloom of the world it was the Shadowfell. How and why she was here, she didn’t know, but she knew that she had to leave.

She and Arachnon wandered the Shadowfell for 30 years looking for a way out. During this time, she grew strong and clever, learning to fight any way she could. Her father’s sword seemed to destroy the creatures in the Shadowfell with ease, making her early days a bit easier. Her senses grew accustomed to the world, making her skin darker and her vision better in darkness.

Eventually she found a portal in the middle of nowhere and decided that where it led couldn’t be any worse than here and leaped in. She appeared in a strange forest that reminded her of home, except full of vicious creatures. She has been there for days now…

After meeting with new allies in the forest, they found a way out, only to be led into a more fierce battle. During the battle, Apsenniel came under the influence of an evil force, making her battle her allies. Fighting this power as hard as she could, she was able to slay the evil creatures performing the magic, but at the cost of her own life.

She awoke in the presence of a great being, The Raven Queen. “Your final acts in life were spectacular, they gave me pleasure to see. I desire to return you to the world to continue to help those you died protecting and slay those that would turn their backs on me.” Apsenniel fell unconscious and awoke minutes later in the spot she thought she had died, the bladeling rifling through her pockets.

“Hmm, guess I’m not dead.” She looked down at her hands, they were completely pale. She felt her pulse, nothing. “What has happened to me? Did the Raven Queen do this?”

“Yes,” the goblin replied, “She has chosen to bring you back as one of her chosen. Odds are you no longer can follow the ways of the ranger as well.”

“Hmph,” snorted Apsenniel, “So be it, at least I am still somewhat alive, and now I have a purpose with my existence. This may be the best thing that ever happened to me.”

After helping clear Brightwater of the attackers, the Raven Queen summoned her back for another purpose.


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