Anders Holiday

Father of the Holiday "Tribe"


Married to Rispah “Lark” Holiday and father of (in age order) Lorine, Flyndan, Arden, Ethan and Evan, and Daine. He looks a bit like this, only with a bit of gray creeping in.

Previously the leader of a gypsy caravan, now innkeeper of “The Singing Lark” inn in Brightwater.


A minstrel, tinker, and jack of all trades. He is the head of not only his immediate family but also the overall leader of all three extended Holiday family caravans. He holds those reigns of power lightly however, and if you asked him he would call it “herding,” at least as far as a family with stubbornness as a family trait can be. The main reason he opened the inn was to give gypsies that were wandering a place to re-provision without fear of being the targets of prejudice. He also serves as the local source of information on everything of interest to gypsies, such as if roads are washed out, what local lords are feuding, and what places gypsies should avoid in the local area. Almost every bard, minstrel, or performer, gypsy or otherwise, of any kind stops at the Lark on their way through and pass on this information to Anders, who has the knack of almost all bartenders to be a patient and understanding confidant. He also delivers messages and letters between caravans.

Anders Holiday

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