Shadows over Tyner

TNG: The Naked Future

The heroes were traveling to deliver the Light Medallion to Lady Midnight, as ordered by Septimus, their patron. Expecting a small estate, the heroes were surprised by the village that grew out of the horizon around a massive house. The lady had retired early and the heroes were offered accommodation by a kind citizen, Michel.

That night, a loud crash awakened the slumbering adventurers. The noise led them to the main village hall and inside a sight astounded the heroes. The entire village’s population, with the exception of the estate’s residents, were ravishing a massive meal. Nothing could be done to distract the villagers and nothing was amiss with the food or drink. Further investigations revealed that the same thing was happening at the estate. Toryc, the keen diplomatic mind that he has, took Lady Midnight hostage after the meal in order to try and get her to explain what had happened and to get their reward. Thanks to the kindness of the noble, the party was not arrested on the spot.

The following day, Lo-Kag arrived in town, having fallen behind on the journey, and immediately hit it off with the noblewoman. Her admiration for his massive weapon revealed the missing key to the investigation into the villager’s odd behavior. For nearly a year, the fortunes of the villager in finance, love, and faith all were fulfilled under what seemed to be miraculous circumstances. The party was offered space in the estate for the duration of their investigation, much to Lo-Kag’s obvious excitement.

That night, every villager left their rooms in a similar trance as before. They all met at the temple and proceeded to disrobe. The orgy that commenced on the party’s arrival, pulled in several members, draining them of their energy before one of their number noticed a shadow slipping behind a altar to Bahamut. Inside the chamber, the party encountered and defeated a incubus and a succubus who had entranced the village. The villagers saved, the heroes were ready to depart with the sealed box that Lady Midnight gave for delivery back to Septimus.



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