Shadows over Tyner

TNG: Encounter at Farpoint Part 2

The party rested after the battle against the undead Kobolds. After they awoke, they traveled the caverns until they reached a room with some ravines in it and a few deadly kobolds and drakes. The party quickly slew them and proceeded down the next hall, however the hall was rigged to collapse on them. After narrowly avoiding death-by-rocks-and-little-spiders, the group entered the main chamber.
In the main chamber was a shamanic goblin casting some odd ritual surrounded by kobolds and drakes. The goblin ordered the death of the party and set upon them with great ferocity. It was a trying battle, but the band emerged victorious with the gem.
They returned the item to Septimus and were paid 500gp due to Toryc’s keen memory. The old man asked them to deliver the gem to a client and said the job would open paths to more work from him. After stopping at a farmhouse to slay some wolves, the group headed out on their next great adventure…



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