Shadows over Tyner

TNG: Encounter at Farpoint Part 1

The Deathhawks from the Future had just entered the town of Pudsey when they saw a notice on many buildings for somebody hiring a group of adventurers. The party traveled to the Shrieking Kiwi tavern and met the man hiring. He told them of his great desire to collect ancient artifacts and asked the heroes to find a specific one, a glowing green necklace. Taking the man’s advice the heroes went to the library and searched for info on this necklace, finding out that there used to be a manor near Farpoint Cave that supposedly had a necklace such as this.

The party trekked to the cave and happened upon some rat-wielding kobolds. The little buggers assaulted the heroes and tricked them into falling into a cave network below. After doing away with the kobolds and the skeletons they found below, the party moved on through the door they found in the cave. It led to a kitchen inhabited by rats and stirges, which were no match for the groups mighty prowess. Once dealt with, the group-leader-by-process-of-elimination, Toryc, was able to sniff out a draft behind a cupboard which led to a secret hallway.

The party entered the new cave and began to proceed, but were ambushed by wererats. The group dealt with these strange new foes and continued on to a well lit chamber up ahead. In the chamber was a brightly lit brazier with a shamanic kobold and some fire creatures around it. The band quickly dealt with these creatures and proceeded into what looked like a hospital up ahead. In it were some kobolds with battle wounds lying in beds, the group tried to save them, but a few were lost in the process. The group’s miscreant, Mariel Holiday, tried fulfilling the kobold’s wishes by sending them to the next life using a ritual, however, she misspoke a few words and some of the creatures became zombies. After finally “sending” the kobolds to the next life the group paused for a few minutes to rest, unsure of what awaited them ahead…



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