Shadows over Tyner

Six Month Update

After recovering a set of rare plants for an eccentric Eladrin botanist, the adventuring company known as the Deathhawks from the Future slowly disassembled as their opportunities for work in the Pudsey area dried up. The remaining core group of Lo-Kag, The Drow, and Mariel Holiday was forced to reinvent itself. The new group with a few new members signed a new guild manifest with the Asterbrake Imperium’s Adventuring Guild office. Later that day, the heroes were given a letter asking them to come to Partition, a growing city in the Duchy of Tyner, where Arden Holiday lives with her husband, Lord Horhand Shieldheart. The Druid faced some racial discrimination at the border and the party was forced to fight its way through the border. On the run from the border patrol. the party was forced to avoid the roads on the way to Partition. One night while at camp in the forest, a dark figure approached the party and offered some interesting information. The figure was Ulsaruk and helped the heroes escape the Imperium and reach Tyner. He tells the party that there is a small rebellion working to free Tyner from its oppressors in the Imperium. For more information, the party should talk to the leadership in Partition.

At The Singing Lark Inn near the town square in Partition, the party fought their way through a troublesome gnome illusionist and spoke with Rispah “Lark” Holiday and her daughter, Arden. The Holiday family has been trying to move gypsies from around the Imperium and the Duchy to a safe haven near Partition. The leaders have composed a treaty with the Duke of Tyner to protect the gypsies all that is left for the party to deliver the treaty to the Duke in Deventer and return the signed copy. A reward was promised.

At the court of the Duke, the party was forced to wait for hours while the Duke and his chamberlain reviewed the treaty. The treaty is returned signed and sealed and word quickly spread across the land that the treaty has been signed and gypsies are heading for Partition to receive their protection papers. Back in Partition, the treaty is ready to be enacted as more and more people flow into the city’s protective walls.

It is now the night before the treaty is set to be enacted and a huge festival is being held to celebrate its passage and the heroes are the guests of honor.



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