Shadows over Tyner

Sessions 3 and 3.5

The heroes left the wizard’s tower after finding a note with a strange message on it. Deciphering it to mean that once the sun went down, Brightwater would be destroyed, the heroes set off for the city. After stepping through the portal at the top of the tower, the heroes appeared at the edge of a river with a raft in it. They knew the river led directly to Brightwater, so they hopped aboard and were rushed down the river, unfortunately none of them were very good boatmen. After the first perilous leg of the trip, the heroes saw a shored ship on the river bank, being noble and glorious (and greedy) adventurers they decided to stop and see if anyone needed help (or anything needed looting). Upon stepping on the ship, they were ambushed by river pirates and barely escaped with their lives. They returned to the raft, empty handed and very wary of other damaged boats and barely managed to make it to Brightwater before dark. They rode the raft into the middle of the city and were met with all kinds of foul beasts, the heroes bravely slew the monsters and made their way to The Singing Lark, which was on fire. Jareth went in to the building to look for survivors, finding Daine Holiday on the second floor, he threw her out the window into the waiting hands of the bladeling. Apsenniel also went in, but suddenly disappeared. Jareth remained in the building, refusing help from Nail who went in to save him. The goblin eventually burned to death in the tavern and his body was retrieved.

The group saw in the distance two groups making an escape, one with loot, the other with most of the Holiday family. The bladeling went ahead to track the group that took the family while Nail and Arden went to see if anyone in town knew anything. While searching they stumbled across Ulsaruk, the former captain-of-the-guard being assailed by more of the wizard’s minions. They managed to work together to defeat the fiends. Ulsaruk decided that he would join in the search for the Holiday family, since obviously that was the reason this all happened.



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