Shadows over Tyner

Session 6

After dealing with the goblins, the party made their way back to Brightwater for a short time to resupply. They set out before long for Mt. Partition, where the note said to go. Upon arriving, a messenger found the party informing them that they were invited to a dinner party hosted by Lord Shieldheart. The party prepared and attended this event. Arden mostly chatted with Lord Horhand Shieldheart while Nail and Ulsaruk got hammered and took off with a dragonborn mercenary name Grellus. Helwyr and Arden decided to stay at the castle by request of the lord, but were very wary, for good reason. The lord came into their room through a hidden door and provided them with information that they had been seeking. Meanwhile, Nail and Ulsaruk found out from Grellus that there was somebody stealing away the entire mercenary guild from the town and provided them with information and directions on a nearby goblin encampment that may lead them in the direction they needed to go. The two proceeded to drink more and ended up sleeping on the roof of the castle somehow.

The next day the adventurers set out, accompanied by Grellus who hired out his services to them. They made it to a canyon where they were ambushed by goblins and warforged, but the party heroically slew them all. They then made their way into a cave where they were attacked by hellish beasts riding rhino monsters, though they proved to be much less challenging then the party had feared.



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