Shadows over Tyner

Session 2

Wizard's Tower

The party continued into the Wizard’s Tower. They reached a point where all became black, losing the gnoll companion in the ordeal. They emerged to find a forest waiting for them, with the mangled corpse of Kolya Ghyrryn in the clearing. They were joined by a bladeling and an elf then were attacked by a dryad. After defeating the dryad an opening appeared and led into a house. In the house were many wonderful things, including an ambush. They overcame the foes and found some loot. They then proceeded up the stairs, into the wizard’s lair. The wizard was there momentarily, but left shortly after monologuing. He did leave behind a group of Shadar-Kai however. The following battle was brutal and vicious, but the party emerged victorious, but at the cost of the elf, who rose again as a revenant. Now the party leaves to return to the invisible town.



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