Shadows over Tyner

Six Month Update

After recovering a set of rare plants for an eccentric Eladrin botanist, the adventuring company known as the Deathhawks from the Future slowly disassembled as their opportunities for work in the Pudsey area dried up. The remaining core group of Lo-Kag, The Drow, and Mariel Holiday was forced to reinvent itself. The new group with a few new members signed a new guild manifest with the Asterbrake Imperium’s Adventuring Guild office. Later that day, the heroes were given a letter asking them to come to Partition, a growing city in the Duchy of Tyner, where Arden Holiday lives with her husband, Lord Horhand Shieldheart. The Druid faced some racial discrimination at the border and the party was forced to fight its way through the border. On the run from the border patrol. the party was forced to avoid the roads on the way to Partition. One night while at camp in the forest, a dark figure approached the party and offered some interesting information. The figure was Ulsaruk and helped the heroes escape the Imperium and reach Tyner. He tells the party that there is a small rebellion working to free Tyner from its oppressors in the Imperium. For more information, the party should talk to the leadership in Partition.

At The Singing Lark Inn near the town square in Partition, the party fought their way through a troublesome gnome illusionist and spoke with Rispah “Lark” Holiday and her daughter, Arden. The Holiday family has been trying to move gypsies from around the Imperium and the Duchy to a safe haven near Partition. The leaders have composed a treaty with the Duke of Tyner to protect the gypsies all that is left for the party to deliver the treaty to the Duke in Deventer and return the signed copy. A reward was promised.

At the court of the Duke, the party was forced to wait for hours while the Duke and his chamberlain reviewed the treaty. The treaty is returned signed and sealed and word quickly spread across the land that the treaty has been signed and gypsies are heading for Partition to receive their protection papers. Back in Partition, the treaty is ready to be enacted as more and more people flow into the city’s protective walls.

It is now the night before the treaty is set to be enacted and a huge festival is being held to celebrate its passage and the heroes are the guests of honor.

TNG: The Naked Future

The heroes were traveling to deliver the Light Medallion to Lady Midnight, as ordered by Septimus, their patron. Expecting a small estate, the heroes were surprised by the village that grew out of the horizon around a massive house. The lady had retired early and the heroes were offered accommodation by a kind citizen, Michel.

That night, a loud crash awakened the slumbering adventurers. The noise led them to the main village hall and inside a sight astounded the heroes. The entire village’s population, with the exception of the estate’s residents, were ravishing a massive meal. Nothing could be done to distract the villagers and nothing was amiss with the food or drink. Further investigations revealed that the same thing was happening at the estate. Toryc, the keen diplomatic mind that he has, took Lady Midnight hostage after the meal in order to try and get her to explain what had happened and to get their reward. Thanks to the kindness of the noble, the party was not arrested on the spot.

The following day, Lo-Kag arrived in town, having fallen behind on the journey, and immediately hit it off with the noblewoman. Her admiration for his massive weapon revealed the missing key to the investigation into the villager’s odd behavior. For nearly a year, the fortunes of the villager in finance, love, and faith all were fulfilled under what seemed to be miraculous circumstances. The party was offered space in the estate for the duration of their investigation, much to Lo-Kag’s obvious excitement.

That night, every villager left their rooms in a similar trance as before. They all met at the temple and proceeded to disrobe. The orgy that commenced on the party’s arrival, pulled in several members, draining them of their energy before one of their number noticed a shadow slipping behind a altar to Bahamut. Inside the chamber, the party encountered and defeated a incubus and a succubus who had entranced the village. The villagers saved, the heroes were ready to depart with the sealed box that Lady Midnight gave for delivery back to Septimus.

TNG: Encounter at Farpoint Part 2

The party rested after the battle against the undead Kobolds. After they awoke, they traveled the caverns until they reached a room with some ravines in it and a few deadly kobolds and drakes. The party quickly slew them and proceeded down the next hall, however the hall was rigged to collapse on them. After narrowly avoiding death-by-rocks-and-little-spiders, the group entered the main chamber.
In the main chamber was a shamanic goblin casting some odd ritual surrounded by kobolds and drakes. The goblin ordered the death of the party and set upon them with great ferocity. It was a trying battle, but the band emerged victorious with the gem.
They returned the item to Septimus and were paid 500gp due to Toryc’s keen memory. The old man asked them to deliver the gem to a client and said the job would open paths to more work from him. After stopping at a farmhouse to slay some wolves, the group headed out on their next great adventure…

TNG: Encounter at Farpoint Part 1

The Deathhawks from the Future had just entered the town of Pudsey when they saw a notice on many buildings for somebody hiring a group of adventurers. The party traveled to the Shrieking Kiwi tavern and met the man hiring. He told them of his great desire to collect ancient artifacts and asked the heroes to find a specific one, a glowing green necklace. Taking the man’s advice the heroes went to the library and searched for info on this necklace, finding out that there used to be a manor near Farpoint Cave that supposedly had a necklace such as this.

The party trekked to the cave and happened upon some rat-wielding kobolds. The little buggers assaulted the heroes and tricked them into falling into a cave network below. After doing away with the kobolds and the skeletons they found below, the party moved on through the door they found in the cave. It led to a kitchen inhabited by rats and stirges, which were no match for the groups mighty prowess. Once dealt with, the group-leader-by-process-of-elimination, Toryc, was able to sniff out a draft behind a cupboard which led to a secret hallway.

The party entered the new cave and began to proceed, but were ambushed by wererats. The group dealt with these strange new foes and continued on to a well lit chamber up ahead. In the chamber was a brightly lit brazier with a shamanic kobold and some fire creatures around it. The band quickly dealt with these creatures and proceeded into what looked like a hospital up ahead. In it were some kobolds with battle wounds lying in beds, the group tried to save them, but a few were lost in the process. The group’s miscreant, Mariel Holiday, tried fulfilling the kobold’s wishes by sending them to the next life using a ritual, however, she misspoke a few words and some of the creatures became zombies. After finally “sending” the kobolds to the next life the group paused for a few minutes to rest, unsure of what awaited them ahead…

The Next Generation Opening

This adventure will take place five years after the events of the first campaign. You are in the town of Pudsey, near the border of the Duchy of Tyner and the Asterbrake Imperium. It is just over the border from the city of Partition which has experienced rapid grown in the last few years as it has become a popular inland trade center and waystation for travelers.

The keep in Pudsey, one of the chief building projects for the Emperor Galerius Severus, is well under way pulling citizens looking for work from across the Imperium to the small town.

Your adventuring company has moved to Pudsey to find work in the town bustling with activity.

Session 6

After dealing with the goblins, the party made their way back to Brightwater for a short time to resupply. They set out before long for Mt. Partition, where the note said to go. Upon arriving, a messenger found the party informing them that they were invited to a dinner party hosted by Lord Shieldheart. The party prepared and attended this event. Arden mostly chatted with Lord Horhand Shieldheart while Nail and Ulsaruk got hammered and took off with a dragonborn mercenary name Grellus. Helwyr and Arden decided to stay at the castle by request of the lord, but were very wary, for good reason. The lord came into their room through a hidden door and provided them with information that they had been seeking. Meanwhile, Nail and Ulsaruk found out from Grellus that there was somebody stealing away the entire mercenary guild from the town and provided them with information and directions on a nearby goblin encampment that may lead them in the direction they needed to go. The two proceeded to drink more and ended up sleeping on the roof of the castle somehow.

The next day the adventurers set out, accompanied by Grellus who hired out his services to them. They made it to a canyon where they were ambushed by goblins and warforged, but the party heroically slew them all. They then made their way into a cave where they were attacked by hellish beasts riding rhino monsters, though they proved to be much less challenging then the party had feared.

Session 5

After clearing the entrance to the goblin camp, the party entered what appeared to be a forge in the camp. They entered and were confronted by an armored foe, who spoke of Blog and Bloog. The conversation was short, as the armored enemy summoned to life multiple warforged to attack the group. After slaying the enemies, the group rested, then continued in the direction the kidnappers had gone. They came across a small ruin, and were set upon by a group of drow, led by some form of ghoul and accompanied by two fierce minotaurs. The party fought off the challenge and found something on the remains of the ghoul…

Session 4

The party met back up with Xorecles after fending off the attack in the alleyway and he revealed that he saw some of the Holiday family being taken to the goblin hills. During the mountain climb, the group was ambushed by a group of Norkers. The battle was fierce, but they managed to pull through. The group then reached the goblin camp, it was on the other side of an ice field and was barred with a large, wooden gate. Nail asked for permission to enter, giving his goblin name, Blog Sparknoggin. The lead goblin shrieked and the party was set upon by the camp guards. The fight was a hectic one, but the tides turned once the bladeling appeared. Having slain the guards, the party was ready to enter the goblin camp…

Sessions 3 and 3.5

The heroes left the wizard’s tower after finding a note with a strange message on it. Deciphering it to mean that once the sun went down, Brightwater would be destroyed, the heroes set off for the city. After stepping through the portal at the top of the tower, the heroes appeared at the edge of a river with a raft in it. They knew the river led directly to Brightwater, so they hopped aboard and were rushed down the river, unfortunately none of them were very good boatmen. After the first perilous leg of the trip, the heroes saw a shored ship on the river bank, being noble and glorious (and greedy) adventurers they decided to stop and see if anyone needed help (or anything needed looting). Upon stepping on the ship, they were ambushed by river pirates and barely escaped with their lives. They returned to the raft, empty handed and very wary of other damaged boats and barely managed to make it to Brightwater before dark. They rode the raft into the middle of the city and were met with all kinds of foul beasts, the heroes bravely slew the monsters and made their way to The Singing Lark, which was on fire. Jareth went in to the building to look for survivors, finding Daine Holiday on the second floor, he threw her out the window into the waiting hands of the bladeling. Apsenniel also went in, but suddenly disappeared. Jareth remained in the building, refusing help from Nail who went in to save him. The goblin eventually burned to death in the tavern and his body was retrieved.

The group saw in the distance two groups making an escape, one with loot, the other with most of the Holiday family. The bladeling went ahead to track the group that took the family while Nail and Arden went to see if anyone in town knew anything. While searching they stumbled across Ulsaruk, the former captain-of-the-guard being assailed by more of the wizard’s minions. They managed to work together to defeat the fiends. Ulsaruk decided that he would join in the search for the Holiday family, since obviously that was the reason this all happened.

Session 2
Wizard's Tower

The party continued into the Wizard’s Tower. They reached a point where all became black, losing the gnoll companion in the ordeal. They emerged to find a forest waiting for them, with the mangled corpse of Kolya Ghyrryn in the clearing. They were joined by a bladeling and an elf then were attacked by a dryad. After defeating the dryad an opening appeared and led into a house. In the house were many wonderful things, including an ambush. They overcame the foes and found some loot. They then proceeded up the stairs, into the wizard’s lair. The wizard was there momentarily, but left shortly after monologuing. He did leave behind a group of Shadar-Kai however. The following battle was brutal and vicious, but the party emerged victorious, but at the cost of the elf, who rose again as a revenant. Now the party leaves to return to the invisible town.


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